Кейт Буш (Kate Bush): Песни по алфавиту

Так как большинство английских названий имеют перед собой артикли «The» и «A», это затрудняет ориентацию русскоязычных читателей в алфавитном списке. Например, они могут долго и безрезультатно искать песню «Infant Kiss» в районе буквы «I», в то время, как она располагается в районе буквы «T» («The Infant Kiss»). Чтобы предупредить подобные затруднения я включил в алфавитный список оба варианта названий — и с артиклями, и без артиклей.

50 Words For Snow

A Coral Room
Aerial tal
All The Love
All We Ever Look For
Among Angels
An Architect’s Dream
And Dream Of Sheep
And So is Love
Army Dreamers

Be Kind To My Mistakes
Between A Man And A Woman
Big Sky
Big Stripey Lie
Blow Away (For Bill)
Burning Bridge

Coffee Homeground
Come Closer To Me Babe (Goodnight Baby, Who Is Sylvia?)
Constellation of the Heart
Coral Room
Craft Of Love

Dali (Ferry Me Over)
Davy (While Davy Dozed)
December Will Be Magic Again
Deeper Understanding
Delius (Song Of Summer)
Disbelieving Angel
Don’t Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake

Eat the Music
Empty Bullring
Experiment IV

Feel It
Flower Of the Mountain
Frightened Eyes

Gay Farewell (Queen Eddie)
Get Out Of My House

Hammer Horror
Handsome Cabin Boy
Heads We’re Dancing
Hello Earth
Hounds Of Love
How to Be Invisible

I’m Still Waiting
In Search Of Peter Pan
In The Warm Room
Infant Kiss
It Hurts Me (A Rose Growing Old, Feeling Like A Waltz)

James And The Cold Gun
Jig Of Life

Kashka From Baghdad
Keep(ing) Me Waiting (Stranded at the Moonbase)
Kick Inside
King of the Mountain

L’Amour Looks Something Like You
Leave It Open
Lake Tahoe
Lord Of The Reedy River
Love And Anger

Man With The Child In His Eyes
Moments of Pleasure
Morning Fog
Mother Stands For Comfort
Mrs. Bartolozzi
My Lagan Love

Ne T’En Fui Pas
Never Be Mine
Never The Less (You’ll Do)
Night Of The Swallow
Night Scented Stock
Not This Time

Oh England My Lionheart
Oh To Be In Love
On Fire Inside a Snowball (Snow, Hot in the Ice)
One Last Look Around The House Before We Go…
Organic Acid

Painter’s Link
Passing Through Air
Pull Out The Pin

Ran Tan Waltz
Rare Flower (I Don’t See Why I Shouldn’t (Pick the Rare Flower)
Reaching Out
Red Shoes
Rinfi the Gypsy (Playing Canasta (in cold rooms))
Rocket’s Tail
Room For The Life
Rubberband Girl
Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)

Sat In Your Lap
Saxophone Song
Scares Me Silly (Really Gets Me Going)
Sensual World
Snowed In At Wheeler Street
So Soft (You’re Soft)
Something Like a Song (In My Garden)
Somewhere in Between
Song of Solomon
Strange Phenomena
Surrender Into the Roses (Coming Up, Carmilla)
Suspended In Gaffa
Symphony In Blue

The Big Sky
The Craft Of Love
The Dreaming
The Empty Bullring
The Fog
The Gay Farewell (Queen Eddie)
The Handsome Cabin Boy
The Infant Kiss
The Kick Inside
The Man With The Child In His Eyes
The Morning Fog
The Painter’s Link
The Red Shoes
The Saxophone Song
The Sensual World
The Song of Solomon
The Wedding List
Them Heavy People
There Goes A Tenner
This Woman’s Work
Top of the City

Un Baiser D’Enfant
Under Ice
Under The Ivy


Waking The Witch
Walk Straight Down The Middle
Warm And Soothing
Watching You Without Me
Wedding List
Where are the Lionhearts (Lionhearts, On the Rocks)
Why Should I Love You?
Wild Man
Wuthering Heights
You’re the One 


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